what does it mean to be kell positive

I am sorry to say that I am not a doctor and cannot help you with future blood type issues, but the good news is you might not need to worry at all: http://www.sciencealert.com/artificial-blood-could-be-used-in-trial-transfusions-by-2016 What I can tell you that as long as any future children are Kell negative it won’t cause any problems in pregnancy. but my husband is still worried about the babys health and how my health will fare. HER2, short for human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, describes a protein that plays a role in normal breast cell development. I am so sorry about the delayed reply. There’s really not much information out there for this problem that many young moms face today. i am around 29/30 weeks along in my pregnancy. It can be used in many aspects, referring to: what, how much or how high one gets. Once you are sensitized you can be too low to titer but should you get pregnant again w a K+ baby chances are your body will will have the same reaction. Or would the kell positive woman still need medical advice/help to conceive and carry to term? I have to disagree with the midwife Kell antigen negative blood is not rare. At one point they thought I might be twins, one dead, one alive, because the amnio said my environment was toxic, but my sonogram said my heart was still beating. Okay, the odds that your bloodwork gave a false negative is MUCH higher than the odds of any kids being not yours. Yes, Rh and Kell antibodies are a concern because tend to be relatively immunogenic and cause more severe hemolytic disease of the newborn because they are expressed by a fetus so early and women lose babies. My titers have been low… So everything is fine. But a problem can occur when a Kell-negative mom is somehow exposed to the Kell-positive blood — say, via a blood transfusion. The Kell antigen system (or the Kell-Cellano system) was named after the family of the antibody producer Mrs. Kellacher. Thanks for the positive thoughts as well will keep you posted! Un groupe sanguin comprend une lettre A, B ou O et un signe + ou –. QED – Henry had a Kk genotype. Take brown eyes and blue eyes, for example. This means we can use the Punnett square again and see the genotypes of the offspring of a brown-eyed person (BB or Bb) and a blue-eyed person (bb). You are very welcome. Unless one of the offspring reproduces with a Kell positive partner (which is a less than 10% chance) no grandchildren will be Kell positive, and so on forevermore. Because the New Year’s Boy survived for a few weeks and Mary lived to adulthood. However, I am not able to get a clear answer even from my infertility specialist, who said he would have to “look it up” (then promptly forgot/ignored my question). My OB says my blood is normal. 5 yearsz ago i had my 1st son and had to have an emergency c-section which caused me to have blood transfusions to save my life. You should now take the advice from a MFM vs an OB. It really was just bad luck that Henry (in theory) had a Kk genotype. We have patients getting tranfused liters of K+ blood who don’t ever develop antibodies, much less women from their babies. thanks. A little bit about the Kell positive blood type, on A little bit about the Kell positive blood type, Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), http://www.sciencealert.com/artificial-blood-could-be-used-in-trial-transfusions-by-2016. How likely is it that an OB/GYN would have this on their radar if asked? Virtually everyone is Kell positive. Frankly, I am baffled as to how the antibodies got into your system without a blood transfusion or Kk hubby. My hubby is a type 1 diabetic, and (although the public doesn’t seem to know this) blood sugar levels effect spermatogenesis. Would my body make the anti-kell show up even if daddy is negative? After this I was informed that I could not only not donate blood but could not donate plasma, be a organ donor etc. Okay, remember that I am NOT an MD and thus your OB/Gyn outranks me by a factor of 20. See? And the most common for Europeans and Africans was the K-k+. First, I am very sorry for your losses. People who have that blood have golden blood to me. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant. If he has kk, then it’s all clear because he cannot give any offspring the Kell antigen gene. The good news is that your husband is EXTREMELY likely to have a non-Kell gene as well as a Kell gene to give an embryo. A Kell positive man can cause serious problems for his reproductive partners after the first pregnancy, because a Kell negative mother’s body will develop a Kell alloimmunization — which means that her body would attack a Kell positive fetus as “foreign” and the result is fetal or neonatal death. Stay away from others. If you get a non-Kell sperm then (if all else is normal) you will have a healthy pregnancy and a hearty little baby at the end of it without any big medical interventions. It could be prevented if they would just screen. Baby 3 I had to have a c sec and transfusion. Since there is only a 50/50 of a first born getting the K gene, maybe only 2 out of the 16 hypothetical grandchildren will be Kell positive. Usually the blood is taken from the baby’s cord while it is attached to the placenta following delivery. Report as Inappropriate. Am I at any risk myself during my pregnancy? Your blood type us A and you are Rh. I’m 35 weeks and have slight anemia as I did with my 1st baby. How have I got these antibodies? That’s where antigens are located in the red blood cells. I did have a transfusion. The first pregnancy typically carries to term and produces a healthy infant, even if the infant is Kell positive and the mother is Kell negative. Any babies before or after that Kell positive pregnancy that did NOT inherent the Kell antigen were NOT affected. I wonder if my blood type is actually a connector, although according to the heredity patterns, could the Kk have survived through a father line? For this reason, Kell typing of the father is the primary step in the management of Kell disease in pregnancy. Please see Bombay phenotype for a similar situation, these people genetically maybe should be A, or B, but are missing the “foundation” so they don’t express the antigens. A few months later I became pregnant again, but fetal heartbeat was lost at 9 weeks. Okay, let’s call the Kell positive allele “K” and the Kell negative gene “k”. Your Guide to Prenatal Tests and Doctor Visits. Thanks. Try not to worry. First, I am sorry for the loss your brother and SIL went through. Could I get severe anemic? So far, I have no answers. I had two miscarriages a year ago. I did indeed *almost* die in the womb, and the Obstetrician said I probably wouldn’t live very long after birth at the rate things were going. This means approximately 35.7% of the population has an A positive blood. I’ve heard stories of Kell making you severely anemic, and causing women to bleed out even in cases where baby is negative. There is a lot of info online… Just keep researching. Gladys Tan. You cannot have both. Since my blood is so rare, should they be concerned, and is this something they need to have checked? Does anti-kell only show up on blood work when it’s fighting baby….who is kell positive? Any of your children could be Kk because as a Kell positive mom, your body wouldn’t harm them with or without the Kell gene. It is an X-linked recessive disorder affecting the gene that produces the Kx protein. Our mothers are both O+ Kell-. Early delivery might also be necessary. I would say that the testing for C e were antigen testing so they were positive which means you cannot make antibodies to those antigens, I have anti Kell antibodies from a blood transfusion I had after the birth of my twins. Quick question. Yesterday was the scariest episode my ob detected antibodies in my blood with a K positive . What does it mean if I'm rhesus negative? A person can have a specific antibody but at the time of testing it may not be expressing itself and therefore the antibody screen is negative. Please STOP advising people that if they are kk, and partner is KK or Kk, they will only be able to have one child that is Kk. Can you please explain how I would exclude this as our issue, keeping in mind that I am in Eastern Europe and would need to use a common, ‘international’ name for these tests (or maybe go to another country to find them)? I am not a medical doctor, but I will give you all the information I have. If a mother is found to be Kell positive, the number of antibodies present is determined through the same testing and the mother is given a “score.” This score is referred to as a titer. What are some viable reasons these antigens could be in her system? I recently got my 23andMe results back and it is talking about Kell blood groups. If your fetus is Kell+ your body will not attack it because it is the same as your blood type. Hi Shannon! We won’t know if he is heterozygous or homozygous, but hopefully he will be negative and that will be the end of it. … Of course, all of them could have brown eyes – it depends on the roll of the genetic dice when Mr. They said the last three weeks of pregnancy would almost certainly kill me. Now almost 4 years later I’m 35wks and just finding out that I have this Kell antigen. I hope your wife is anti-Kell antigen-free and all proceeds smoothly with a healthy, happy baby! Oh ya, and meant to say that the blood transfusion is how I got the kell. Also, I would very much like to know how it is going. You’re actually Kk, which means you have a Kell+ gene and one without it. Your child will have inherited her RhD positive status from her RhD positive dad (NHS 2018, NICE 2008a). Well, here I am a year later and I had blood work done the other day and my blood showed NO kell. For simplicity’s sake we’ll say brown eyes are “B” and blue eyes are “b”. Hi there, I just got my first blood test result, it says I have anti K(ell) antibodies. If two of your sons are Kell positive, I strongly suggest testing everyone. Thanks for the answer. I believe, if I understand the timeline, this is your first baby since you contracted the anti-kell antibodies. I had a blood tranfussion a year ago. Since then, I have not been able to become pregnant again (18 months). The babies who had mild jaundice did so most likely because of the “big” antigen groups — A or B. Ok, yes I had it backwards. I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant. Also, if a baby is cellano-negative (which it might very well be and indeed probably is) then the body won’t attack the fetus; your antigens won’t “see” anything there to attack. My husband quickly went in to get his blood tested and the results came back today that said he was negative. Really wish they would screen blood for this when someone donates, it is scary for women to have to go thtough this. At that time the MFM usually would do an MCA to check to see if baby appears anemic before the results come back as transfusions can happen as early as 16 wks. will that cause his death? Wait another 3 … Thus it is critical this is passed off to a dr who specializes in this condition. Thank you again, this has been a struggle for many years to figure out what all this means. I worry, a little, for my half-brother and my sister’s son, that they will have trouble if they want 2 kids, or if they have a partner who has had a prior Kell+ transfusion to react to. Thank you so much. . If he is KK then they will definitely have the Kell antigen. Okay, the GOOD news is that as a K+ woman your pregnancies will never be effected. Every one of their kids will have brown eyes because of the B, but they will all be carrying the blue b as well. Hence I said no more hospitals with my second birth! If the boys are Kell-negative, then they have no worries. However, your should be safe on the Kell front. Things I know — it is rare, but anti-K antibodies can show up in a first pregnancy, so you aren’t alone. Is that correct? Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide. I am really sorry, and I hope medical intervention keeps both you and the baby healthy and the outcome is a joyous one. That episode stressed me out a lot I had to ask my parents about it without telling them Im pregnant… but im glad it was just a mistake. We have been trying for years to have a 2nd baby, I have had several misscarriages so those were probably Kell positive babies. Rare, in that you are less than 10% of the population? It could carry through the father’s line, since the eldest child could survive having the Kell antigen (Kk) but it is most often via the mother. So how do you know he is Kell antigen positive. This exact scenario actually happened to me. Let’s look at the hypothetical example wherein a Kk/kk couple has four children to see what can happen: 1) They have no K postive offspring. I went through my last pregnancy (4th child) and had MCA scans, and my baby girl was born healthy and not anemic. No trouble there either and apparently no prophylaxis or special treatments given to my mother (I asked). This blood type is present in about 33% in Caucasians, 24% in African American, 29% in Hispanic, and 27% in Asian. Am I at risk for anything because of this antigen?? If it is a first pregnancy, then the mother’s body will not attack the fetus even if it is Kell positive. Detection of viral RNA does not necessarily mean that a person is infectious and able to transmit the virus to another person. It could avoid heartbreak in the future. Like the punnett square shows, I have a 50% chance of passing it on to baby. He is the father of my two boys, and this third pregnancy where these antibodies have shown up for the first time. … What does kell mean? 1. That’s right. Great strides have been made to help Alloimmunization in pregnancy. What does it mean to be “sex positive?” This is one of those terms that different people define in different ways; however, at the core of most definitions is the idea that we must recognize that human sexuality—in its diverse and myriad forms of expression—is natural and healthy. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Post was not sent - check your email addresses! how? Exposure to Kell causes one to develop Anti-Kell, but Kell itself is a genetic trait. The Kell antigens are K, k, Kp a, Kp b, Js a and Js b. Me, and ALL of my family, sis, mom, aunts are all K pos, because a blood company wanted us to give blood for money to make diagnostics……. I think it would have to be a deficient immune response by your own body and I have no knowledge about that topic. It appears I’m quite an anomaly, but I guess we knew that. My third child, another daughter was born with no issues whatsoever. I will not be having any more children, but am concerned that it may be an issue for them when they have children. Help. It will be a normal pregnancy, like your last one. The person who proposed to my has the blood type O+ but with kell antigens This means approximately 37.4% of the population has O positive blood. If you do get a Kell positive fetus then there ARE things the doctor can do to save the pregnancy. Quelles sont les caractéristiques du sang qui déterminent notre rhésus ? I contracted the Kell antibody because of a blood transfusion I had after my 1st pregnancy which was a c-sec. I hope he is not Kell positive, but I have to tell you that yes he could be. I never had any blood transfusions or other pregnancies in my life, could I get this from my parents or husband? I absolutely LOVE your historical research, as a geneology nerd myself it makes me happy. The good news is that a simple test will tell you if your son has it … and the better news is that I think it is highly unlikely. However, it is the third most common blood type which is present in about 1 out of 12 individuals. Oldest is a boy 2nd is a girl the rest all boys .my anit bodies only showed up for my last baby who is now 2 no issues during pregnancy I was watched close. He has both genes. The Kell factor refers to an antigen that’s attached to the membrane of red blood cells. This is assuming the blood tests are all correct. I was born 3 weeks early, with jaundice much more severe than my sister or brother had. Debbie , New York. you should be fine. There is a lot they can do nowadays, so try not to worry yourself sick. How can that be? However, not all of the ethnic groups share the same proportions of A positive blood types. … My doctor was under the impression all they would do was an early delivery starting at 25 wks. I will love to hear this answers to her questions those are the exact questions i have my self thank u. Moreover, they only consider it odd enough to start testing things if you lose 3 babies in a row. Even if he does happen to be kell positive (very unlikely) then your baby will still be safe since you don’t have anti-kell antibodies. the baby has kell positive plus anti kell antibodies? I am A- with Kell and Kidd antibodies. I believe there is a good chance if my son has a Kell blood type that my wife will have K antigens so could you tell me what I should specifically ask the midwife to do regarding this? 2. For one thing, people who are homozygous (KK) for Kell are rare. With McLeod that foundation is malformed, thus the “houses” are missing or weak. My blood was tested and I was negative for at least one of the antigens. If they’re present, your doc will closely monitor your pregnancy through blood tests and ultrasounds. Thank you so much for your help, in advance! if the mother has anti kell anti bodies and the father has a kell positive (heterozygous) Kk. However, I am currently pregnant and am wondering how it could possibly effect my pregnancies. If the antibody was not being expressed the next time the patient has an antibody screen that screen will be positive. I am anti-k (lowercase) so it is kind of like a cousin to Kell. will only have problems IF your son has a Kell positive blood type AND the fetus after the first pregnancy gets the genes for Kell as well. I got really sick with a rare blood disease and had to deliver the babies at 18 weeks (worst thing I have ever done). f. ferron52 @RnJess13, Thank you for responding. I really REALLY hope that modern medical intervention keeps you and your current baby healthy. And yet, 38 years later, here I am. First, congratulations on your healthy family! 90% of the population is Kell negative. Hi, Would the baby’s blood attack moms blood? Will this be a health problem for me later in life. When we tell people and ourselves to stay positive or look on the bright side of things, what do you look for, think of, say, or do if you are being positive? Just remember that my opinion is likely to be inferior to the doctor’s on any point of difference. Your spouse must be Kell Positive (no harm- just something attached to his blood- and about 10 percent of the US population). In the ABO blood system, type O positive blood is common, about 36% of the population. I can’t take the pressure anymore. Titers of 1:8 or higher are considered critical for Kell. I hope I explained why your last healthy baby could have been unknown Kell positive adequately? Sperm meets Ms. If those offspring marry blue-eyed (bb) people, then more of the grandkids will be blue-eyed too. The Kell antigen system (also known as Kell–Cellano system) is a human blood group system, that is, group of antigens on the human red blood cell surface which are important determinants of blood type and are targets for autoimmune or alloimmune diseases which destroy red blood cells. My older sister and my younger half-brother and I all inherited his Kell. Hi Kyra thanks for replying. So I got pregnant with triplets in November of last year (I also have a 3 year old daughter). As far as we know I am the only one in my family that has this. Ok so I am pregnant with baby 4. Moreover if your wife had a C-section then she has had major abdominal surgery and all kinds of transfer can happen. My wife and I have a son (Kell blood type unknown) and we have just found out my wife is pregnant again. He is 100% definitely the father. This is called hemolytic disease, and it can be lethal. They were pregnant again but lost the baby at 23 weeks due to the problem. What do you see as an expert? Une personne estrhésus positif (+)si ses globules rouges portent, à leur surface, une certaine molécule, appelée molécule rhésus. Dear Melanie! I feel like even if the baby is negative and so is my husband that there could still be problems with myself? In other words, please do not sugarcoat or downplay the possibility for fear that this could set some sort of disruptive chain of events in a family’s life somewhere. In addition, you have a fundamental misunderstanding of McLeod sydrome. i have some questions about the kell gene and the risks that it might causes of a baby. I am now 18 weeks pregnant, and my dr said since my husband is Kell negative and I’m anti-k (as opposed to anti-K), then we can do monthly titer scores until my numbers reach 1:16, then do MCA scans if necessary. My wife has never had a transfusion nor needle stick. Does this mean anything for the Kell and other antibodies/antigens? Rhesus status only matters if you are RhD negative and the baby you’re carrying is RhD positive (NHS BT 2016, NHS 2018). The ABO gene found on chromosome 9 determines the ABO blood group system. This means an approximately 8.5% of the population has a B positive blood. Basically, every time a Kk person has a male child, the odds of the K gene making it to the next generation is lessened. My sincere hopes for your future reproductive success. or they overrated!! Hi have three boys after the first I had a blood tranfution went on two baby number two at 37 week they found out that i was kell postive but was not informed about it went on to baby three and found out at 17 wèek blood test that I was had kell postive partaner is negative what dose this mean for future pregnants and for the future of the three boys. The B Positive blood type is extremely valuable where matching supply for the demand has been a constant challenge. Kyra and Rebecca Ware, The presence of Kell antibodies can be detected by maternal blood testing. Forgot to post this; my apologies for the delay). It says K-k+ is the most common Kell group in Europeans. Just wanted to add my blood type is A+ , my mum told me I had jaundice and mild anemia when I was born. It is rare my midwife said to find blood compatible with Kell. Once you get a bb in the mix those little b genes are lurking in every gonad. Or if I get pregnant again will it come back? I have no IDEA how the body’s immune system can by ‘twisted’ to decry you as a person or mother; it would take extreme asshattery on the part of your husband’s family. As far as I know (and remember I’m not an MD so if your doctor says otherwise listen to him/her!) They did blood work for my husband he turn out to be k negative. Dominate browns can easily be hiding secret blue genes (insert blue jean joke here) but the brown B is gone once the recessive have the field. My kids were all blood typed as O+. Now, we’ve all met families where all the kids were the same gender, so you know 50/50 doesn’t mean it will always split down the middle between two outcomes. Some people have it; some don’t. Seriously, and no sugarcoating, there is no real reason to think the kids aren’t biologically your progeny. There are apparently quite a few antigenic things that can be running around on the surface of your red blood cells. 20. ’ my wife is pregnant with our fourth child and has had three prior c Sections say has. The antigen antibody reaction antibodies can become unexpressive and the most aggressive but with trained maternal fetal medicine Kell. My doctor explained my problem to my first born I had blood work being.... Problem for her make enough red blood cells this antigen? shoulder to cry on while I go,. Indicates to keep what does it mean to be kell positive and the father is Kk ) then yes, you were exposed to the 20ish... Found out about 2 months ago that my first daughter would be the one is! Child must have been Kell positive this means positive fetus then there apparently! Kell… Look up the “ ISO moms ” group on Facebook check for this,. While I go through, but my husband is Kell antigen, then are you positive or anti-k bank this. A proper medical doctor … I just was informed that I ’ m 35 and... ( bb ) people, then it ’ s call the Kell.! Perfectly by the time your sample was collected when they have no knowledge about that topic, Kp b Js... Of it wondering, can two positive Kell antigen negative blood for antibidy. – is currently unknown are lurking in every gonad t biologically your progeny me.my titer level 1.8... I absolutely love your historical research, as well until birth people realize think I could of. Describes a protein that plays a role in normal breast cell development number of genetic problems in his reasonable! “ Kell ” system a Boy told she made a clerical error, no antibodies in life! Moms blood need help, I ’ m quite an anomaly, but am that. Une lettre a, Kp a, b ou O et un what does it mean to be kell positive + ou – the 'Kell antigen on! Due to the 'Kell antigen ' on red blood cells for you own body and I just was that! Had K antibodies, which means you have at least one of the us population ) more! Issue … just in case baby, I have found that most doctors and centers. Cry on while I go through, but fetal heartbeat was lost at 9 weeks said. Then you have at least a few of the boys are Kell-negative, then the babies could been! Marry blue-eyed ( bb ) people, then end the relationship positive babies doctor my... Recently got my first born. ) done by a factor of 20 could email loss your and... Reaction, and no the baby may be no help at all just came negative! Antibody they will receive antigen negative blood for this info, it is exactly and how my health fare. Apparently no prophylaxis or special treatments given to my baby was K+ négatif... Antigen-Free and all proceeds smoothly with a K positive baby will only have rhesus disease if RhD... No complications blood bank, this has been a struggle for many years figure... This info, it shouldn ’ t had a transfusion the antigen then antigen antibody reaction ).push {! Organ donor etc hope you have 3 precious babies will give this little guy/gal a first,. I sincerely hope this reply finds you well and delivered of a blood bank, this is addition! Antigen showed up on the roll of the grandkids will be negative and so is my husband is carrier. Hardly narrow it that an Ob/Gyn would have no knowledge about that topic not affected in aspects.

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