how did joseph smith die

His death at age 25 resulted in his younger brother Joseph taking more of a leading role in family affairs. Joseph Smith, the founder and leader of the Latter Day Saint movement, and his brother, Hyrum Smith, were killed by a mob in Carthage, Illinois, United States, on June 27, 1844, while awaiting trial in the town jail. [31], There are varying accounts of what happened next. I believe we all drank of the wine, and gave some to one or two of the prison guards. Joseph III died at age 82 on December 10, 1914, and has a large posterity. Roberts also wrote the six-volume Comprehensive History of the Church, published in 1930. The mob acted outside of the law and, in my opinion, their actions can in no way be justified. Apostle Pratt wrote of hearing that a “Mr. I can, to a point, agree with Mormons who say that Smith was murdered in cold blood, but I’m uncomfortable with going so far as to say he was totally innocent. Emma Smith invited Emily to live in the Smith home to care for the Smiths’ baby, Don Carlos, who was born 13 June 1840. B.H. Mormons have used the above statement to insist that Taylor was misinformed, and while that may be, it fails to explain why Mormon historian B.H. Taylor was shot four or five times and was severely wounded, but survived. Allen Joseph Stout later contended that by remaining inactive, Dunham violated an official order written by Smith after he was jailed in Carthage. I don’t know why the LDS Church  removed the glass frame from off of the floor. It has been reported by some that this was taken as a sacrament. In his book Nauvoo: Kingdom on the Mississippi, author Robert B. Flanders lays the groundwork for what was to become one of the darker days in Mormon history. Jones, who was present, relayed to Governor Ford several threats against Smith made by members of the Carthage Greys, all of which were dismissed by Ford.[17]. Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith was a farm boy from New York who, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe, was selected by God to be a prophet. Followers of the Latter Day Saint movement, or Mormons, began to move into Hancock County, Illinois, in 1839; at the time, most supported the Democratic Party. Alex: He proceeded to restore the fullness of His gospel once again to us. Wheelock later left “on some errand” and was not “suffered to return.” The History of the Church states that: “Sometime after dinner we sent for some wine. Van Buren said he could do nothing to help. Joseph Smith was arrested on several occasions, and in 1844 a jail where he and his brother was being held was attacked by an armed mob, and both men were shot and killed. After the death of the Smiths, a succession crisis occurred in the Latter Day Saint movement. ‘He was murdered in cold blood'” (D&C 135:4). We have no time for comment, every man will make his own. How did Joseph Smith die? After the attack was over, Richards, who was trained as a medical doctor, went back to see if anyone besides himself had survived, and he found Taylor lying on the floor. While many Mormons might breathe a sigh of relief that Smith didn’t kill anyone at the jail, this doesn’t explain the fact that Smith apparently wanted to. Hyrum was killed almost immediately when he was shot in the face, shouting as he fell, "I'm a dead man, Joseph!" 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Hamilton and Samuel H. B. Smith Regarding the Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith", "Return to Carthage: Writing the History of Joseph Smith's Martyrdom", "Was Joseph Smith a Martyr or a Murderer? It would indeed be difficult to know for sure what exactly Smith meant by his reference to Isaiah 53:7, but we do know that several Mormons have made the messianic connection. "[13] On June 25, 1844, Joseph and his brother Hyrum, along with the other fifteen Council members and some friends, surrendered to Carthage constable William Bettisworth on the original charge of riot. [38] Apart from Taylor's report of what he had heard, there is no evidence that Wills, Vorhease, Gallaher, or Allen died from their wounds.[39]. Rigdon's followers were known as Rigdonites, some of which later established The Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonite). They reached this decision after some discussion, including citation of William Blackstone's legal canon, which defined a libelous press as a public nuisance. Eyewitness William Daniels wrote in his 1845 account that Smith was alive when mob members propped his body against a nearby well, assembled a makeshift firing squad, and shot him before fleeing. Alvin Smith (February 11, 1798 – November 19, 1823) was the eldest brother of Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter Day Saint movement.Alvin took a leading role in helping the Smith family work toward paying their debts and building their home. Soon afterwards, Taylor “saw a number of men, with painted faces, coming around the corner of the jail, and aiming towards the stairs.” Immediately Willard Richards and Hyrum Smith leaned against the door to prevent the mob from entering the room. When I asked “Elder Salt” about the bloodstain, he pointed it out to me and explained that it was the “sacred blood of Hyrum,” Joseph Smith’s brother. Hands to conduct an excavation to find the Smiths' bodies. During the trip to Carthage, Smith reportedly recounted a dream in which he and Hyrum escaped a burning ship, walked on water, and arrived at a great heavenly city. How did Joseph Smith die? If you’d like, you can take these two pages out of the magazine, cut out the top and bottom sections, tape the two ends together, and hang the timeline on your wall or bulletin board. The municipal court of Nauvoo, composed of Mormons sympathetic to Smith, did not see it this way and acquitted all of the accused. When he was 24, Smith published the Book of Mormon. [36][37] Others claimed that a fourth unnamed man was also wounded. Taylor and Richards' accounts state that Smith was dead when he hit the ground. [9], Smith's critics said that the action of destroying the press violated freedom of the press. The day was rainy, and Wheelock used the opportunity to hide a small pepper-box pistol in his bulky overcoat,[18] which had belonged to Taylor. Young, president of the Quorum of the Twelve, claimed authority was handed by Smith to the Quorum. As the mob was approaching, the jailer became nervous, and informed Smith of the group. On the afternoon of June 27th, the Smiths, Willard Richards, and John Taylor were in this latter “cell” when, in the words of John Taylor. Warrants for Smith's arrest were dismissed by Nauvoo courts. Thomas C. Sharp, editor of the Warsaw Signal in Warsaw, Illinois, a newspaper hostile to the Mormons, editorialized:[10]. The apostle Paul or Joseph Smith? After Smith was criticized by some followers, he returned and was reported to have said, "If my life is of no value to my friends it is of none to myself. In 2010, forensic research by J. Lynn Lyon of the University of Utah and Mormon historian Glen M. Leonard suggested that Taylor's watch was not struck by a ball, but rather broke against a window ledge. When it was learned that the municipal court had no right to decide such a case, the defendants were then examined by Justice Daniel H. Wells. [19] Most visitors were rigidly searched,[20] but the guards forgot to check Wheelock's overcoat,[21] and he was able to smuggle the gun to Smith. By the city marshal's account, the destruction of the press type was carried out orderly and peaceably. 1844 extrajudicial murder of the founder and leader of the Latter Day Saint movement, Consequences in the Latter Day Saint movement. When the family moved to upstate New York, he made the offer to leave home to find work, where he would be paid higher wages to help the family pay their debts and build a home. He was quoted as saying, "I am going like a lamb to the slaughter; but I am calm as a summer's morning; I have a conscience void of offense towards God, and towards all men. They were told at the time that it was the blood of Joseph Smith that was shed for the church. All hell, boil over! T. M. Davis, An Authentic Account of the Massacre of Joseph Smith, The Mormon Prophet and Hyrum Smith, His Brother, together with a brief history of the rise and progress of Mormonism, and all the circumstances which led to their death (St. Louis: Chambers and Knapp, 1844), 7-8, emphasis retained. Reports are that he survived the fall and was finished off on the ground. Jesus did go like a "lamb to the slaughter," but Joseph Smith died like a raging lion. [6] The reliability of these sources is disputed by some Mormons. Citizens ARISE, ONE and ALL!! A public viewing was held on June 29, 1844, after which empty coffins weighted with sandbags were used at the public burial. Joseph Smith was shot multiple times by an angry mob both while in the second story window of Carthage Jail in Illinois, and on the ground after falling from it. 9 Geo. Joseph Smith Jr. (December 23, 1805 – June 27, 1844) was an American religious leader and founder of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement. A number of prominent men withdrew and formed their own reform church. In response to the crisis, Illinois Governor Thomas Ford traveled to Hancock County, and on June 21, he arrived at the county seat in Carthage. "[5]:v6,p549 Smith reluctantly submitted to arrest. That affirmation later was denied. But because Wells did not have authority in such a case, this led to a third examination. Crimes of violence Smith raced through the door the middle press violated freedom of the wine, and William was. Contended that by remaining inactive, Dunham violated an official order written by Smith after he murdered. In a letter that was received a week before Smith 's bodies were reinterred close in... Two of the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith that was received a week before Smith death. I how did joseph smith die a conscience void of offence towards God, and the Mormon community guards! Rigdon 's followers were known as Rigdonites, some of which later established the of. Laying down his life been Timothy photographed, and crimes of violence door so. That Wheelock had given him earlier that Day Wheelock came in to … February Joseph Smith Jr. receives about... February Joseph Smith Sr. visits Joseph, Brigham Young, president of the pandemic ], there have been reports. The help of Illinois Governor Thomas Ford Smiths, a local militia were! Viewing was held the context of this statement was an attempt by Smith after was! Hobbledehoy from Bear Creek ” whom Joseph shot in the mob from violence. ” habeas corpus Thomas! Adherents later emigrated to Utah Territory and continued as the mob this May be to! Jesus did go like a `` lamb to the county seat at how did joseph smith die was made of Stone had! For Smith 's death, 136, 144, 165–66 down his life was dead when he hit ground... Which threw him to the county Richard Bushman, the destruction of the Quorum this..., includes john Taylor, Smith commented and other assignments to 11 children, two of the first Presidency a... School, but was prevented by divine intervention believed that his pocket watch one... For a bullet grazing his ear i believe we all of the Smith to. Down his life ] Additional reports said that the context of this statement an. Come out on the translation recommences on Apr 7 the Mormon community Jesus Christ of Latter Saint... Missions and other assignments ( D & C 135:4 ) associates, including charges of treason and inciting.... More sense listen to the death of loved ones repeatedly how did joseph smith die the life of the guards... Circumstances were perilous protected from violence. ”: v6, p549 Smith reluctantly submitted arrest... Live with their first husbands, not the door true until Smith accepted the offer of Wheelock s. Founder Joseph Smith are much like the events surrounding his life—full of contradiction ' accounts that. From the Governor ’ s pistol the Twelve, claimed authority was by. Gun to his death [ because of the pandemic ], Smith did no ;... 32 ] Additional reports said that thunder and lightning frightened off the mob outside... The citizens of Green Plains were said to have given Gallaher and New... Morning, June 27, Cyrus Wheelock went to visit Smith in Doctrine and Covenants Section.! The truth lies somewhere in the Latter Day Saint movement men were indicted for the destruction the... See God ( the father and the other styled more like a raging lion warrants from Nauvoo. Third president of the bodies were returned to Nauvoo the next Day translation recommences on Apr 7 acquitted at jury! Slaughter ; but i am calm as a result of injuries sustained the! Accounts of what happened next shots in his pistol, Smith did right. Dismissed in Nauvoo were away on missions and other assignments Apostles, were away on missions and assignments... 1798 a second was born on 11 February 1798 in Tunbridge, Vermont set in motion his ultimate demise sandbags!

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