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Her bishop said she didn't have to keep the law of tithing because she was to poor. Do you know of any Joseph Smith documents that we might not have heard about? Menu. Her worn-out cattle wearily dragged the heavy wagons up the eastern side of this mountain until they reached the top. As it ceased to rain, and the wind ceased to blow, my brother, John, drove up with our lost cattle. Tramping through this grass and through the woods and over the bluffs, we were soaked to the skin, fatigued, disheartened and almost exhausted. We all grew up with the wonderful stories of Mary Fielding Smith showing her true womanhood as she crossed the plains. Mary Fielding was born in Bedfordshire, England on July 21, 1801. Required fields are marked *. Her earnest plea was complied with. She and Emma Smith endured many trials along with … I had happened to hear the promise of my dear mother that we would beat the captain into the valley, and would not ask any help from him either. John was born on June 30 1759, in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Instantly we rose from the 'mess-chest,' on which our breakfast had been spread, and started toward her, and, like John, who outran the other disciple to the sepulchre, I outran my uncle and came first to the spot where my mother stood. by dwhite | Jul 11, 2011 | Historical Stories | 0 comments. Today, Mary is admired as one of the most stalwart pioneers of the early Church. During this talk, I want you primary girls and young women and mothers with children still at home to ask yourselves what you would have done if you had been Emma Hale or Mary Fielding. Luckily, the storm lasted only a short time. The widow feared to cross the plains in this way and so applied to the Church agent for help. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 1) She was the sixth child of John Fielding and Rachel Ibbotson, who were active in the growing Methodist movement in the area.2) In 1834, Mary emigrated to join her brother Joseph and her sister Mercy in Toronto, Upper Canada. Perhaps it was well, as it proved to be in the end. My uncle held up his hands in blank astonishment, and if the Missouri river had suddenly turned to run up stream, neither of us could have been much more surprised. We applauded her courage, determination, and her success. Mary Fielding Smith, Daughter of Britain book. We were in plain sight of the river, and could apparently see over every foot of the little open prairie where we were camped, to the river on the southwest, to the bluffs on the northeast, and to the timber which skirted the prairie on the right and left. Mary Fielding Smith, a faithful Latter-day Saint woman, was left with several young children while her husband was in Liberty Jail during the winter of 1838–39. It was a most delightful sight to us. Before the company had proceeded very far another of her oxen fell down as the first, but with the same treatment he also got up, and this was repeated the third time; by administration the oxen were fully healed. The spent 1847-1848 in Winter Quarters, Nebraska, preparing to leave for the salt lake valley. The cattle fled before the storm down into the entrance into Parley's canyon, from the Park, into and through the brush. After spending the winter of 1848-1849 in the fort of the Salt Lake Valley, Mary Fielding Smith, widow of church leader Hyrum Smith, decided to live on a farm rather than her assigned "city" plot. Enduring all these hardships incident to such a journey and moreover the unpleasant condition in which she had unfortunately been placed, she, with the company, finally reached the east side of East Mountain, on the Pioneer Trail. The 800lb cow or Dad's Mercedes? Certificate, 1844. Thus far she had come without asking help of anyone, except of the Lord, who came to her rescue in the dark hour when it seemed all earthly help would fail. She and Emma Smith endured many … After the Mormons were expelled from Nauvoo, Illinois, Mary started the pioneer trek to Utah with her five children, her Aunt Mercy Rachel Thompson, her brother, Joseph Fielding, and a few others. In the fall of 1847 my mother and her brother. Request for Documents . Mary Fielding Smith was the wife of the Patriarch of the Church, Hyrum Smith. He notes that she died in 1852, four years after reaching the Valley, and that after the funeral there was no formal tribute for more than thirty years until Joseph F. Smith, her son, published a faith-promoting story … President Joseph F. Smith, speaking of the incident, says: A brother of mine (John) who was also a boy scout at that time, then obtained a horse and rode back over the road in search of the lost cattle. He shares a fairly well-known story about Mary Fielding Smith being told that because she was a widow she shouldn’t have to pay her tithing. The wagonmaster, remembering the prediction she had uttered that she would beat him to the valley, had in the night taken steps to forestall the fulfillment of any such prediction. Deed to Mary Fielding Smith, 15 March 1843 ID # 4015 Total Pages 1 Handwriting on This Page. I sat in the front of the wagon with the teams we had in hand hitched to the wheels, while my brother was absent hunting the others. Camping near by, on the other side of the creek, were some men with a herd of beef cattle, which they were driving to Savannah and St. Joseph for market. Mary Fielding Smith experienced several miracles and showed the men how it's done while walking across the plains to Utah. Mary Fielding Smith grew up a farmer’s daughter. Mary Fielding Smith was a widow with many people dependent on her. Naturally when the ox dropped to the ground all the wagons that were following came to a sudden stop. Hyrum was Joseph’s older brother. Tell us. It made an indelible impression upon my mind, and has been a source of comfort, assurance and guidance to me throughout all my life. He was the son of former church president Joseph F. Smith and the great-nephew of LDS Church founder Joseph Smith. Originally published in Ensign July 2011. The first expression I caught upon her precious face was a lovely smile, which, discouraged as I was, gave me renewed hope and an assurance I had not felt before. At St. Joseph we purchased our groceries and dry goods, and at Savannah we laid in our store of flour, meal, corn, bacon and other provisions. Mary Fielding Smith remained faithful to the end of her life. Unidentified; 43. I am happy to say, the widow had a little mettle in her, and she straightened up and calmly replied: "I will beat you to the valley and will ask no help from you either." Contact Us FAQ Follow Us on Facebook. Harold B. Lee Library: creatorOf: MS 14305, Smith, Hyrum 1800-1844. She became the wife of Hyrum Smith and from there her life would never be the same again. What joy and peace filled the hearts of this little band of exiles as they gazed for the first time upon the promised land, for here they had their first view of the Salt Lake Valley. Church History Library: creatorOf: MS 885, Smith, Hyrum Fisher 1856-1923. She married Heber Chase Kimball (1801-1868) … From the description of Certificate, 1844. Dec 29, 2013 - LDS Bronze sculpture of Mary Fielding Smith praying for her sick ox with her son Joseph Fielding Smith. You have doubtless heard descriptions of the terrific thunder storms that sometimes visit the mountains. All of a sudden, and in less time than I am taking to tell you, a big, dark, heavy cloud rose from the northwest, going directly southeast. For the official Church websites, please visit churchofjesuschrist.org or comeuntochrist.org. She knew this, so also did the wagonmaster. (Unknown). First I’ll tell you about Mary Fielding Smith. I loved her commitment to keeping the commandments. When she arose from her knees I was standing near by. Your email address will not be published. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Mary Fielding Smith and the Lost Oxen. The prediction of the widow was actually fulfilled; we beat them into the valley, and we asked no help from them either! The next morning, in the Old Bowery, we had the privilege of listening to President Brigham Young and President Kimball, Erastus Snow, and some others, give some very excellent instructions. We reached the Old Fort about 10 o'clock that Saturday night. The following excerpts is his account as recorded in "The Life of Joseph F. Smith": She needed to get across the plains to the Salt Lake Valley the next season and supplies were critical. Would you deny me a blessing? But in this he was mistaken. We usually unyoked our oxen and turned them loose to feed during our encampments at night, but this time, on account of the proximity of this herd of cattle, fearing that they might get mixed up and driven off with them, we turned our oxen out to feed in their yokes. Here she succeeded in borrowing and hiring enough cattle to suffice for the journey. Not an official website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS.org), "Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them. Mary Fielding Smith was the widow of Hyrum Smith, Joseph Smith's brother who died with him at Carthage Jail. WorldCat record id: 145434945 Wife of Hyrum Smith. "...Mary Fielding Smith Kimball (July 21, 1801 – September 21, 1852) was an early member of the Latter Day Saint movement, the second wife of LDS Church leader Hyrum Smith and the mother of Joseph F. Smith. Uncle Fielding and I spent all the morning, well nigh until noon, hunting for them but without avail. The Mormon Church distributes free copies of the King James Version of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The man in charge of the herd of beef cattle rode up from the opposite side of the creek and called out: "Madam, I saw your oxen over in that direction this morning about daybreak," pointing in the opposite direction from that in which mother was going. About Product: Mary Fielding Smith was born and reared in England and joined the Church in 1835 in Canada. In the spring of 1847 a portion of our family crossed the plains, following the pioneers to the valley of the Great Salt Lake, the remainder of the family intending to proceed on their journey to the west in the following spring. We were not long in releasing them from bondage and getting back to our camp, where the other cattle had been fastened to the wagon wheels all the morning, and we were soon on our way homeward bound, rejoicing. We have been all over this country, all through the timber and through the herd of cattle, and our oxen are gone—they are not to be found. Returning to Winter Quarters, we camped one evening in an open prairie on the Missouri river bottoms, by the side of a small spring creek, which emptied into the river about three-quarters of a mile from us. Joseph Fielding Smith, "Life of Joseph F. Smith", Home • About This Site • Site Map • Contact Me, Copyright ©2007-document.write((new Date()).getFullYear()); Mary Fielding Smith was the widow of Hyrum Smith, Joseph Smith's brother who died with him at Carthage Jail. We moved smoothly until we reached a point about mid-way between the Platte and Sweetwater, when one of our best oxen laid down in the yoke as if poisoned and all supposed he would die. After the Mormons were expelled from Nauvoo, Illinois, Mary started the pioneer trek to Utah with her five children, her Aunt Mercy Rachel Thompson, her brother, Joseph Fielding, and a few others. Mary Fielding Smith was born in England and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canada. This was a sore trial to him and a very great loss, as he was obliged to get help for himself before he could proceed. I saw the company wending its slow way up the hill, the animals struggling to pull their heavy loads. Some of the cattle were hired from those who did not expect to make the trip, others were purchased on time. When you have done all that you can in a righteous effort, don’t forget the last step—ask God! Hyrum’s first wife, Jerusha, had died in childbirth, and Mary cared for Hyrum’s small children as her own. Hyrum and Mary also had two children together, including Joseph F. Smith, who later became the sixth President of the Church. Mobs raided her home, and her son was nearly killed as a result of the attack. This circumstance was one of the first practical and positive demonstrations of the efficacy of prayer I had ever witnessed. For your free copy of the Bible, go to Free Holy Bible and for a free Book of Mormon, go to Free Book of Mormon, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Mother replied in a voice which fairly rang with cheerfulness, "Never mind, your breakfast has been waiting for hours, and now, while you and Joseph are eating, I will just take a walk out and see if I can find the cattle." “Mary Fielding Smith's life, though lived in the 19th century, provides many lessons on how to live in the modern world.” This lecture will highlight faithful moments in Mary Fielding Smith’s lifetime that exemplify living the gospel and finding happiness. ", Joseph Can't Translate While Angry with Emma, Alfred Young's Vision of Celestial Kingdom, Oliver Cowdery Testifies of Plates in Court, Sydney Rigdon's Final Confession to His Son, Hostile Police Constables Befriend Joseph Smith, Girl Teaches Articles of Faith to Man on Bus. The ox stiffened out spasmodically evidently in the throes of death. This brought great chagrin to the countenance of the captain of the company. We then hitched them to the wagon, and the question was asked by my uncle of mother: "Mary, what shall we do? In the book, “ The Women of Mormondom”, written by Edward W. Tullidge in 1877, and edited by Eliza R. Snow, we get the full account. His first words were: "Well, Mary, the cattle are gone!" This is part of her story: Mary Fielding Smith, a faithful Latter-day Saint woman, was left with several young children while her husband was in Liberty Jail during the winter of 1838–39. Smith, Mary Fielding, 1801-1852. Producing a bottle of consecrated oil, Mary Smith asked her brother and James Lawson if they would please administer to the ox just as they would do to a sick person, for it was vital to her interest that the ox be restored that she might pursue her journey. Wife of the second patriarch of the Mormon Church, Hyrum Smith. The captain ordered the march to begin, and, regardless of our predicament, the company started out, up the mountain. study of the marriage of Mary and Hyrum Smith, the standard biography of Mary Fielding is Don C. Corbett's Mary Fielding Smith , Daughter of Britain (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1966). Joseph Fielding Smith Jr. (July 19, 1876 – July 2, 1972) was an American religious leader and writer who served as the tenth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 1970 until his death in 1972. She had trusted with the most implicit faith in God for deliverance from the jaws of death, for Winter Quarters was a most sickly place at that time, and was being deserted by most of the Saints. She paid tithing, even in her poverty. Mary responded, “I will beat you to the valley and will ask no help from you either.” The trek proved difficult, but she arrived with her family in Salt Lake on September 23, 1848, a day ahead of the captain who had doubted her. After two months of illness, she died at fifty-one years of age, leaving behind her two young children. Nearby at Charleton, there the three Fieldings were baptized into the Church in May 1836. "Why, Mary," he exclaimed, "what do you mean? […] His predictions had thus far failed; but he was determined that they should not fail in the final test at the end. And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it. President Spencer W. Kimball spoke on Tithing. Then, on the afternoon of that Sunday, we went out and met our friends coming in, very dusty, and very foot-sore and very tired! About dwhite Doris White is a native of Oregon and graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English and a minor in Editing. BIT OF HUMOUR. "Never mind me," said mother, "get your breakfast and I will see," and she started toward the river, following down [...unintelligible text...] out of speaking distance. Godfrey tells a story from Smith’s life: “As she became a second wife and a stepmother, we see how she navigated new relationships and found her own place in the … Early next morning, the captain gave notice to the company to arise, hitch up and roll over the mountain into the valley.

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