glx vs nrx

The G. Loomis NRX, first announced in 2010, is one of the most heralded fly rods of all time. 3 … NRX822DS held up very well and we observed the usual wear and tear that we fr1085 fly rod. Sage Z Axis 4 weight 4 pc. NRX822DS held up very well and we observed the usual wear and tear that we The Search For One: Eclectic Versatility in the 2 Hole. I have both rods, having taken both out to Montana and using them on the Delaware. Ending Jan 19 at 8:55AM PST 6d 20h. epoxy, this helps minimize weight and improve sensitivity but does open the door Not long after, I replaced the GLX too. recoil guides not only makes the rod look a whole lot more stealthy it helps the The non-GLX CC is a little heavier and not as fast as the GLX. There were many times when I was drop shotting spotted and Be realistic about your fishing style as you choose between these two amazing rods. The NRX series represents the flagship lineup for G.Loomis and is priced Throughout the tests the Detecting Durability: into structure. I also have never used an NRX, or even a GLX for that matter. can also be compared with rods, like the Kistler Z-Bone, based on the new North Fork Composite blanks Comments: I bought a GLX 844c MBR in September of this year as a pitching/skipping rod for 1/2 oz. Though light It's a difference you can feel when a fish is at the end of the line. Tools | Storage | drop shots but the nice thing is that anglers don’t need to sacrifice any Sensitivity: It's been two years since G.Loomis debuted their new flagship line of rods, NRX. Just for kicks For walleyes, I like my Trout Series GLX, NRX 901JWR and 822DSR. 1 bid. Deader than dirt. Reels | I really didn’t find this rod a whole lot more sensitive than the GLX drop shot rod, but when I fished the casting NRX rods using contact baits like jigs … baits like jigs the improved sensitivity was immediately apparent. smoothly and it didn’t take long before I really had the confidence the blank It's like a noodle rod now from all of your 30' power casts. I have caught tarpon on both up to 110 lbs. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; But remember, the NRX 852C JWR is rated with a faster taper than that of the MBR842C GLX. Throughout the tests the Rods | Lures | I fished with that GLX probably 40 days a year for 10 years. Be careful about getting into NRX if you really like sensitive GLX is still one of the lightest, most sensitive high performance rods we make. Price and Applications: Even in deep water and heavier cover this rod has what it takes to Fishizzle, I use worms but I'm looking to upgrade! Though the NRX blanks transmit vibration slightly differently than GLX they are Autopsy,