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Then again Guru Ji challenged the lion. Rather, it was probably (I can’t say for sure, because I’m not Guru Jee!) Guru Har Krishan ([ɡʊruː həɾ kɾɪʃən]; 17 July 1656 – 9 April 1664) was the eighth of the ten Sikh Gurus.At the age of 5, he became the youngest Guru in Sikhism on 7 October 1661, succeeding his father, Guru Har Rai. The wedding between Jito Ji and Guru Gobind Rai took place the 23rd day of Har, SV year 1734, or on June 21, 1677, A.D. The Guru Ji received his fore paws on the shield, caught in the left hand and with the sword caught in his right hand sliced the big cat into two pieces. Historical records indicate the two were born in different locations, had different parents, were married at different times, died 40 years apart, and were cremated in different locations. Mata Gujri Ji agreed and sent Her brother, Mama Kirpal Chand with Bhai Ramsharan to Guru Ji’s darbar. Guru Gobind Singh married to Mata Sundari (also known as Mata Jito) and they had four sons Sahibzada Ajit Singh, Zorawar Singh, Jujhar Singh and Fateh Singh. He had come with his daughter and with the great hope of giving his daughter to Guru Ji as a sevadaar (i.e. 1) Kahn Singh Nabha (a Singh Sabhia) has three entries, for each of Guru Gobind Singh ji's wives. Parmeshar gives to everyone and will give to you, too.”. Fab Privacy Policy and Super Short Site Disclaimer. Her funeral rites and cremation took place in Agampura not far from Holgah Fort near Anandpur. Guru. The guru's maternal uncle Kirpal Chand arranged for a meeting place to be set up nearby and tents erected just north of Anandpur close to the village Basantghar and called the camp Guru ka Lahore. Trivia quiz about Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji created by Nitin Ahuja from GD Goenka Public School, Delhi. Once Mata Jee was pregnant, like Mata Tripta Ji and Mata Gujri Ji, She too had an extra glow, more so than pregnant women usually have. Jaibans Singh Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, the ninth master of the Sikhs and his wife Mata Gujri Ji were blessed with their only child, a son, on 22 December, 1666 after 34 years of marriage. Your email address will not be published. Maharaj, I had one, handsome, virtuous son… They didn’t even spare him…”, Mata Sahib Kaur Ji was also heavy with sadness, as she took all of the kids as her own, despite not having birthed any. by Sakhee KaurJan 3, 2020Panth Diyan Satkaarik Bibiyan. His childhood name was Tyag Mal, tyag means 'giving away' or parting with what one possesses. He contracted smallpox in 1664 and died before reaching his eighth birthday. And also, just think how great Mata Jee must have been to not only be married to Guru Sahib Jee, but to also give birth to such a Rooh (Disclaimer: a Brahmgiyani like Baba Ajeet Singh Ji isn’t born, but rather is descended upon earth for our benefit. A memorial in honor of Ajit Kaur marks the cremation site at Gurdwara Mata Jito Ji on Garshankar Road, Anandpur. He was not only the 10th guru of Sikhs but a poet as well. Neither Guru was setting an example of polygamy for us as ALL Gurus told us monogamy is the way to be! Thank Guru It’s Friday (TGIF) weekly emails, Maa De Farz Series: A Mother’s Responsibilities. In fact, there will be no difference between Him and me. What wife wants to be separated from Her Husband, especially when that Husband is Guru Gobind Singh Ji? It was more of a simple occasion. April 1, 1621 in Amritsar, Punjab. Just 20 months after her initiation, Ajit Kaur expired and left her earthly body on December 5, 1700, A.D. Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment. We list some key facts and some major contributions of Mata Jee. Look how many thousands are still alive. Guru Gobind Singh Birthday Wishes: Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is one of the greatest occasion for the Sikh community. 2) There is historical evidence for each wife's existence such as a smadhi for Mata Jeeto, now called Gurdwara Agampur at Sri Anandpur Sahib (she is recorded to have died while Guruji was there). Only a select few invitations were sent out to Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s, Guru Angad Dev Ji’s, and Guru Amar Das Ji’s lineage. Mata Sundari Ji didn’t say anything but tears were flowing from Her eyes. Moreover, what SIKH wants to be physically separated from Her Guru?! He is famous from his real name: Guru Gobind Singh, Birthdate(Birthday): December 22, 1666 , Age on October 7, 1708 (Death date): 41 Years 9 Months 16 Days Profession: Religious Leaders (Indian Religious Leader), Father: Guru Tegh Bahadur, Mother: … Co-wives Jito Ji and Sundari have been the subject of much controversy. Your email address will not be published. Dear Sakhee Kaur Guru Gobind Singh Ji founded the Sikh warrior community - Khalsa in 1699 and established the Five Ks - which hold utmost importance in Sikhism. After becoming the sixth Khalsa, he changed his name from Gobind Rai to Guru Gobind Singh. , She too had an extra glow, more so than pregnant women usually have. Of course, sanga